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Cash Cowboys Television Series Begins Syndication

KEENESBURG, C., September 4, 2018 – Huwa Enterprises, LLC announces the syndication of its reality docuseries, Cash Cowboys. Season one of the series—which includes 30 episodes—will air on nine networks and 350 channels, making the show available to over 100 million homes across the U.S.

The series follows the real-life challenges and joys of the Huwas, a family of Colorado cowboys who reclaim damaged land across the country using their farming roots. Woven throughout each episode is an endearing family dynamic that emulates the Huwa’s strong core values and their unshakable faith.

At the center of the series is Brent Huwa and wife Tonya, the parents of children Cody, Kylie, Austin, Trey and Brealynn; Brent’s brothers Corey, Tyrun, and Kasen; their parents Rich and Patti; and the 93-year-old patriarch Herman, who continues to work on the farm. Together, the Huwas run a diverse enterprise, overseeing companies in a mix of industries, including oil and gas; civil construction, integrity analytics, equine, pork and beef; and even bull riding.

“The show is a great educational tool on the inner workings of the industries my family has invested our heart and soul in,” says Cody Huwa, son of owner Brent Huwa. “But it’s also about our personal stories.  Our love for God, the land, and each other drive everything we do. I think people are drawn to our authenticity and the positive nature of the show. That’s what makes it so popular.”

Season two will begin airing in the spring of 2019.

About Huwa Enterprises LLC

Huwa Enterprises LLC includes a diverse portfolio of companies including Arnold’s Custom Seeding and H-2 Enterprises, trailblazers in reclamation; Durapride, a full-service construction company that provides high-quality commercial and residential services; Duraroot, an environmental consulting firm specializing in providing natural resource management and reclamation services with a unique focus on the soil and agronomic sciences; Hanging H, an experienced pipeline construction company; Milestone Companies, a pipeline and civil construction company, Miete Equipment, a provider of top-quality vehicles and heavy equipment; SolSpec, a nationwide geospatial data company that uses manned and unmanned aircraft to help its clients survey and manage their assets with insightful analytics; Huwa Reserve, provider of locally grown, humanely raised beef; and Twisted H, specialists in the bucking bull industry.